An Educated Boater is a Better Boater

Our approach includes a combination of blended learning techniques and sequencing of skills which allows us to maximize the effectiveness of your hands-on training.

Starting in the classroom, we lay a foundation for proper technique using qualified instructors, graphic presentations, animation, and videos.

After your technical education is established, we hit the water! In a small group setting, you get the opportunity to put your techniques in practice under the safety and direction of an on-the-water coach. You will be able to learn and correct your own mistakes in a controlled environment. Plus, our group setting allows you to learn and share techniques with others.


In our hands-on training environment you will learn:

  • to dock a boat safely
  • operate comfortably in close quarters
  • to anchor your boat
  • slow and fast speed boat handling
  • how to perform man-overboard exercises to feel confident performing emergency maneuvers

For more details on this learning process, download this guide sheet.

“You not only taught us, you made us feel comfortable learning.”
– Student